Accelerating Innovation in the Chemical Industry

Leveraging small data with ai for better chemisty

15x faster R&D

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We offer a Modified Bayesian Optimization approach with propietary algorithms that fast-track chemical innovation.

The best part? Our platform is easy-to-use, reaction-agnostic, processes data within seconds, and does not require coding knowledge.

You can access them through our cloud-based platform or in a consulting agreement.

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Sunthetics addresses the urgent need for innovative, sustainable, and efficient manufacturing processes in the chemical industry.

What moves us?

The chemical industry is at the heart of 96% of products we use on a daily basis. It is the third largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions and half of its resources end up in waste streams. The only way to achieve a sustainable future is to re-imagine chemical reactions. Sunthetics' mission is to accelerate that process.

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