Accelerating Innovation in the Chemical Industry

Bridging the gap between chemical engineering and AI

What we do

We offer a machine-learning software platform capable of leveraging small datasets to generate big insights. Sunthetics' platform enables chemists and R&D scientists to optimize processes and formulations using up to 5 times fewer experiments!

Why AI?

Chemical reactions are affected by many different variables. Even with significant expertise, it can take hundreds of experiments to optimize a reaction or formulation. The use of machine learning (ML) enables us to reduce our resource use and accelerate development time by an order of magnitude. Innovation doesn't need to take years: it only needs Sunthetics ML!

What we stand for

We are engineers bridging the gap between the fields of chemical engineering and artificial intelligence. We understand the challenges faced in the chemical industry and have developed a ML solution that will save money, time, and resources!


We offer a software platform with the ability to fast-track chemical innovation.

Our Technology

Our Mission.

More About Us

Sunthetics addresses the urgent need for innovative, sustainable, and efficient manufacturing processes in the chemical industry.