Who are we?

Sunthetics is developing sustainable and electrically driven chemical processes to replace traditional heat-powered ones.

The use of these chemicals has become indispensable in our every day lives and the chemical industry, responsible for their manufacture, has become the third largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions

We are a start-up focused on helping the chemical industry become more sustainable.  Chemical processes are very energy-intensive and harmful to the environment, as they rely on fossil fuels. But there is a movement to electrify the chemical industry, enabling lower energy consumption, better resource usage, safer processes, and the cost-efficient integration of renewable energies to replace fossil fuels.

Our first target is the pharmaceutical industry, where electrochemistry enables safer and cleaner production routes to new substances that can address unmet medical needs.

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A Platform Technology

We are focusing on pharma as our entry to market but we are not stopping there. We can apply this type of electrically driven reaction to a variety of chemicals spanning a multitude of sectors, from cosmetics to petrochemicals. Sunthetics is a platform to make the chemical industry green, one reaction at a time.

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